Welcome to TripSee Getting Started Guide. 

This document is a basic guide to get you started and get familiarize with the TripSee interface. TripSee allows users to create a complete trip with any number of activities such as restaurants, entertainment, lodging and more. Below is the main interface for TripSee

Main Menu
The main starting point is the Main Menu. The main menu will allow you to create a new trip, save a trip and depending if you are logged in view all of you trips. If you are not logged in or don't have an account yet you can still plan a trip but you will not be able to save until you create one

You can click on the avatar/profile picture to open the more advance options which include mailed plans, settings, and logging out of your account.


New Trip  

New Trip will allow you to create a new Trip, allowing you to specifying the trip's dates, tags, and travel option (car, plane, etc). The trip details are optional and can be edited at any time by access edit trip from the itinerary menu. The trip dates will be automatically changed when you add new destinations or days to a specific destination.

The first time you create a trip TripSee will provide helpful hints as you plan the trip and is recommended for first time users.

Save Trip
Will allow you to save a trip on the cloud so you can retrieve it later or share the trip with friends and family. This will enable you to access this trip for any other device that has TripSee installed. It's always good practice to save our trip often.

There is an option in the settings menu to enable/disable auto save. Auto save will automatically save your trip every few minutes.

The Trips shows all the past, current, and upcoming trips that have been saved to the cloud or actively being working on. It shows details such as the name of the trip, dates if specified, and the trip length. Clicking on a trip will open it and show the selected trip on the map.

If you have no trips created it will show you with a view  with the option to create a new trip.

The Itinerary shows a list overview of your entire trip with all the destinations and activities you have added to your trip so far. This is where you do the fine tuning of your trip to get it just right. Here you are able to view and edit destinations and activities details by clicking on them. You can also move or re-order destinations and activities by dragging the = icon next to the activity. To add or remove a day click the add/remove day buttons and to add a new destination click "add new destination" button at the bottom of the itinerary. 

Itinerary Menu
The Itinerary Menu has a number of different options from shows a printable overview of your entire trip to editing the details of the trip.
  • Cost/Time - Switches the itinerary to show cost or times. (This will only show if these have been set on the activity)
  • Add Travelers - Allows you to add other people to the trip this may include friends or family.
  • Share Trip - Post your trip on social media or email a friend to view what you have made so far.
  • Trip Overview - Shows a detail overview of trip all the activity details, times, dates, cost, and notes. This is also printable. 
  • Edit Trip Details - Allows you to edit your trip details which include trip name, description, dates, tags, and travelers.
  • Undo/Redo - You can perform undo or redo actions as you make modification to your trip. You can use the shortcut keys (ctrl-z and ctrl-y) as well.

The Map
The Map is the main interface for planning your trip. When you first start planning your trip you always want to specify a place or location we call them destinations. An example of a destination would the city of Paris or Rome. Destinations can be added by clicking the add new destination on the bottom of the itinerary view or by searching for that destination in the search box. A new marker will be added to the map, showing you the location of the destination. When the marker is selected a small detail view will be presented at the bottom of the map with some information of the place. If want further details click the small detail view or click the plus button to add it to you trip. Once the place is added you can always remove it later by clicking the remove from trip button.

Helpful Hint - When zoomed way in... way in.. where you can read names of different business you can click them to bring up more detailed information and it will automatically create a marker of that place in case you want to add it to you trip.

Searching for Activities
The best way to search for a specific activity is to type it directly into the search box above the itinerary view. That works great when you know the name of the place but when you don't you can select from the activity selection bar above the search. The last way and sometimes the easiest if you don't want to miss anything is to zoomed way in on a place or city and explore by clicking the small names on the map.

On the activity selection bar there a couple of other options avavaible:
  • Favorited Places - This is a list of places that have been added to your favorites. (To add a place to favorites click the marker and the star on the derail view) 
  • Custom Activities - If you have a custom activity or event that doesn't exist on the map or by searching you can create your own.
  • Description Items - Help make your trip more descriptive by added notes between activities. 

Mailed Plans
Mailed plans allows you to forward your emailed itineraries for lodging and travel to TripSee just forward your email to trips@tripsee.travel. and then you can assign a mailed plan to an existing trip.

Settings lets you log in or out of your account, sync your account to Facebook, rate the app, and much more.

Almost forgot the most important it will allow you to provide us feedback (We always want to here from you, please let us know how to make your trip planning experience that much better).

We hope that this introduction to the basics of TripSee has been of use as you start your time with us. Please let us know if we can help with anything.

Feel free to contact us at any stage; you can do this from either the bottom of every page where you will see a Feedback and Support link or by emailing us through support@tripsee.travel.

Happy Trip Planning!