Welcome to TripSee Getting Started Guide. 

At this stage we are going to assume that you have downloaded TripSee from the app store or google play. Currently, TripSee is only supported on IOS and Android devices.

This document is a basic guide to get you started and get familiarize with the TripSee interface. 
  • View Trips
  • New Trip
  • Edit Trip
  • Save Trip
  • Map
  • Itinerary
  • Mailed Plans
  • Settings

View Trips

The View Trips shows all the past, current, and upcoming trips that have been saved to the cloud or actively being working on. It shows details such as the name of the trip, dates if specified, and the trip length.

If you have no trips created it will show you with a view  with the option to create a new trip.

New Trip

New Trip will allow you to create a band new Trip, allowing you to specifying the trip name, description, and  start date. The trip dates are optional and can be edited at any time by access edit trip from the menu. The trip length is shown but cannot be entered manually it is automatically calculated when you add new destinations and places to the your trip.

The hints button will give you helpful hints as you plan your trip and is recommended for first time users of TripSee.  

Edit Trip

Edit Trip will allow your to view and edit your trip's detailed information such as trip name, description, and dates. This will also give you access to add other travelers and share the trip on Facebook or send it by email.

Adding other travelers to your trip will allow them to edit your trip as if it was their own. They are not able to delete the trip.

Save Trip

Save Trip stores your trip on the cloud and will enable you to access this trip for any other device that has TripSee installed. It's always good practice to save our trip often.


Map is the main interface for planning your trip. When you 1st start planning your trip you always want to specify a place or location we call them destinations. For example Paris or Rome. We currently don't support searching by area (ex. France, this will be added in a future release). Once you typed in the destination into the search window above the map and select the destination from the drop down list a new marker will be added to your map, showing you the location of the destination. When the marker is selected a small detail view will be presented at the bottom of the map with some information of the destination. If want further details click the small detail view or the arrow next to the name on the marker.

To Add this place to your trip click the + button. Once the place is added you can always remove it later by clicking the Red X button.

Once a destination is added your will be asked how you are traveling there, you may select one of  the options or skip this if you do not know at this time. Also a list of popular Points of Interests will be shown that you can add to your trip from around the destination.

Keep adding destinations and activities till your trip is complete.

Helpful tool - on the bottom right of the map there is button that will zoom you into a selected destination if one is selected and zoom your out to view your entire trip when nothing is selected.

Hint - When zoomed way in... way in.. were you can read names of different business you can press and hold above these and it will automatically create a marker of that place.


The Itinerary shows your a list of all the current destinations and activities you have added to your trip so far. This is a great place to do the fine tuning of your trip to get it just right. Here you are able to edit destinations/activities details by clicking on them, move or re-order destinations/activities by clicking the edit button, and add custom plans to your trip.

Mailed Plans

Mailed plans is where all your emailed itineraries go when mailed to trips@tripsee.travel. and then you can assign a mailed plan to an existing trip.


Settings lets you log in or out of your account, sync your account to Facebook, rate the app, and much more.

Almost forgot the most important it will allow you to provide us feedback (We always want to here from you, please let us know how to make your trip planning experience that much better).

We hope that this introduction to the basics of TripSee has been of use as you start your time with us. Please let us know if we can help with anything. Happy Trip Planning.

Feel free to contact us at any stage; you can do this from either the bottom of every page where you will see a Feedback and Support link or by emailing us through support@tripsee.travel.

Happy Trip Planning!