Hotel Messenger Walk Through

The hotel messenger is used to keep in constant contact with guests. It will notify the concierge of new messages from guests as well as allowing the concierge to reach out themselves. To find the guest management page click the "Messenger" button in the user tools menu.

The messenger window allows you to type messages to guests that will be delivered via text message. 

Welcome Message

The welcome message allows the hotel to initiate an interaction with the guest at the earliest point possible. At a defined time each day TripSee - Concierge will send a text message to each check that has a scheduled check in for that day. This will welcome them and inform them that they can text that number to interact with a helpful staff member. To set up the hotel's welcome message in TripSee - Concierge click on the wrench icon at the top of the messenger page.

This will pop up the Auto Responses window. In this window you can find all settings for TripSee's auto response AI. To turn on the welcome message find the setting labeled "Welcome Message." Click the white toggle switch to the right of the label.

This will allow you to set the time each day that the welcome message will be dispatched. You can also set what message the guest receives.

Check-Out Message

The Check-Out Message can be accessed and used in the same way as the Welcome Message above. The difference is that this message will be sent the day that the guest checks out of the hotel. 

Guest Conversation History

The Hotel Messenger stores and allows you to search through past guest conversations. To search guest conversations use the search bar in the top left corner of the messenger window.


When the logged into the TripSee - Concierge web page all incoming message can be set up to receive audible and popup notifications. To set up notification on your computer click the "Notification" button in the bottom right hand of the concierge page. 

The browser will then popup the notification permission window near the URL bar at the top of your browser. Click "Allow" to complete the subscription process.

Now when guests message you an audible sound as well as a windows pop up will notify you of the received message.

Auto Responses

TripSee allows the hotel to set up Auto Responders to help the guest understand why their inquiries are not being answered quickly. The two auto responders currently available for set up are "Out-of-Office Hours" and "Escalation Message." The Out-of-Office Hours responder allows the hotel or concierge to set times at which the concierge will be reachable. If a message is received at a time outside of this range the responder will send an out-of-office reply. The Escalation Message responder will send a message to the guest when their message has not been responded to in a timely matter. This amount of time can be configured by the hotel or concierge. 


To keep the concierge from having to answer frequently asked question such as: "what time is check out?", "how do you connect to WIFI?", or "Weather in Reno" TripSee has implemented an AI to auto respond to these and any similar message. To setup the responses to these or similar questions you can find these setting in the Auto Responses menu. To get to the auto responses menu click on the wrench icon at the top of the messenger window.

This will bring up the auto responses window.