Guest Management Walk Through

To find the guest management page click the "Guest List" button in the user tools menu.

This will bring up the concierge guest list which allows you to add, edit, and update guest details.

Guest Information

Finding and storing guest information is very easy. There are two ways to add and update guests that will be covered in this help doc. The first is the manual process for adding a single guest through the TripSee - Concierge interface. 

Manual Process

Adding and updating guest information can be done from the guest list by clicking on the "Add" button. At this point a form will pop up where you can enter the information of your guest.

Only three of these fields are required fields. First Name, last name, and a valid phone number are all required fields. If the guest is currently staying at your hotel you can add a check in date, checkout date, and/or a room number. If the check in date is the same as the current day that you are entering the user's info, TripSee will automatically send a welcome message to the user (this happens only if the welcome message rule is turned on). 

To update an existing user simply click on the user's row in the guest list table. This will highlight the user's row by turning it grey.

After a guest is highlighted, simply click the "Edit" button above the guest list table. This will pop up a form that allows you to edit your guest's information.

Simply change the information and click "Save Changes." If you do not want to make the change any more then click "Cancel" and the guest info will revert back to the original.

If you would like to remove a guest this can also be done after selecting the guest. Select the guest and the option to remove will be available. Click "Remove", then at the next prompt click "Ok."


Guests can be imported and exported for quicker editing and adding to the TripSee - Concierge system. These options are also available in the tool bar above the guest list table. Importing guests can be done using a CSV (Comma Separated Value, Example Data.csv) spread sheet. Most hotel software can export to this standardized version. First click "Import" then you will be prompted to upload your CSV file. You can either drag the document over the top of the prompt or click the prompt to be given a file manager window.

To export a list of already entered guests, simply click the "Export" button in the toolbar above the guest list table. This will download a CSV file that you can use to import into another system or save for a rainy day.

Guest Tags

Guest tags are very convenient to classify guests in different ways. These are words or very short phrases that allow hotels to classify guests (VIP, Frequent Guest, Family). Tags can be added when the guest is added to the system or in the edit window later. Simply click in the tag text area. Then start typing. When your tag is completed press the enter key on your keyboard.

To search for guests with a specific tag you can use the search bar above the guest list table. Type the tag that you would like to search for in the search bar above the guest list table.

Stay Information

Stay information for each guest can be found in a couple different areas in the guest management area of the concierge site. The check in/check out information for each guest that is either current or coming up for that guest can be found in the guest list table. This information can be used to sort the list by date of check in or check out. 

To see a detailed list of past, present, and future stay history for a specific guest you can use the stay history table to see this information. To find the stay history table, select a guest from the guest list then click "Stay History." This will open the stay history panel for this guest.

Guest Profile/Timeline

The guest timeline and profile is used to see all user history at the hotel. To access the guest's profile and timeline select the user you would like to see information about and click "Profile." This will bring up the guest's profile page. This includes the guest's profile stats (number of recommendations, trip recommendations, and guest's favorite place). 

Also included is the guest's individual history items such as place recommendations sent to the guest, check ins, check outs, and trip recommendations.