Guest Management (Walk Through)

Guest Information

Hotels can store all the guest information in TripSee - Concierge including: name, email, phone, tags, notes, and stay information.

Guest Import/Export

TripSee - Concierge allows hotels to import and export guest information very easily. These processes are streamlined to work with standard import processes. 

Guest Tags

Segment your guests by filters or tags. Guest information is easily sorted and displayed.

Stay Information

TripSee records guests’ arrival and departure dates along with room numbers.

Guest Profile/Timeline

Review past history and recommendations. Analyze trends and know what their favorite recommendations are.

Guest Package Tracking

TripSee - Concierge can help track packages that need to be delivered to a guest. Package Tracking will help to make sure their packages arrive when they do.

Hotel Branded Kiosk

Nearby Search

Guests can easily refine their search for nearby places by types, open hours, or check if a place is within walking distance.

Concierge Picks

Guest can browse hotel approved and preferred activities including attractions, restaurants, local events, and more.

Suggestion Lists

Looking for a dog sitter or a list of hikes nearby? Hoteliers can create a list of hotel recommended activities and trusted service providers for easy perusal

Place Overview

When searching for recommendations, guests can view the places in more detail which includes directions, distance, pictures, open hours, reviews, address, website, ratings, and description.

Hotel Events

Does your hotel have pop-up dinners? Hosting a local band? Create your own customized events to drive traffic and bookings.


Our system integrates with OpenTable to allow reservations to be made right in the Kiosk.

Restaurant Menus

Guests can view the latest updated menu from most restaurants including prices and other specials.

Instant Recommendations

Places can easily be sent to a user’s phone over SMS text showing the guest a mobile friendly web version of the place and all the information that was shown on the kiosk. No need for them to download an app.

Reviews and Feedback

Guests can easy access the reviews that matter most to your business, allowing them to write their own review and give feedback about their stay.

Hotel Messenger (Walk Through)

Welcome Message

Our system will automatically send a welcome greeting to your guests before they arrive letting them know you are able to respond to their requests over texts.

Check-Out Message

When a guest checks out, the system will send a thank you message along with the option to provide feedback about their stay.

Guest Conversation History

The messenger has a simple-to-use interface that allows you to search each guest's current and past conversations.


When a guest sends a message, the system will notify each staff member connected to the system with a popup and a sound notifier.


If a guest sends a message when the office is closed or when staff is busy, the system will automatically send an out-of-office message. If those messages go unanswered for too long, the system will escalate the message and notifiers.


The messenger is an intelligent system that analyzes the incoming messages. If a guest asks about common phrases like \'WIFI\', the system will auto-reply with a predefined response. The bot works for WIFI, Breakfast, Room Number, Ski Lift Status/Ski Conditions, and Weather.

Visual Itinerary Builder (Walk Through)

Specialized Itineraries

Itineraries can be as detailed or as general as the hotel wishes, providing space for the hotel to go above and beyond for VIP guests, or to always have general itineraries at the ready. The concierge can create custom names for the itineraries, add custom photos, and leave custom notes as well. These can also be sent to the guest's’ phone via text. For your low-tech guests, these itineraries can be printed out as well.

Place Overview

Each itinerary contains a list of linked (clickable) places or recommendations which provide more details (this includes directions, distance, pictures, open hours, reviews, address, website, ratings, and description). We use the most up to date information from big data providers like Google, Facebook and others to automatically populate this information.

Itinerary Overview

A detailed summary of the itinerary which includes pictures, ratings, notes, directions. These can be texted to the guest's phone or for your low-tech guests, can be printed out as well.

Place Search

You can search for a place by its exact name or by searching a general category. Places are separated by categories, destinations, lodging, outdoors, restaurants, attractions, entertainment, and service.

Multi-Day Itineraries

Itineraries can span across multiple days and can have multiple cities or destinations, it up to you on how detailed you want to make your guest's next experience.

Itineraries Details

Itineraries can be more than just a list of places, they can include times and durations (i.e we will be eating lunch at the Moxies starting at noon for 2 hours.) They can also include dates (i.e a 3 day weekend to Tahoe City) and can also add specific notes and cost.

Custom Activities, Places and Events

Unable to find the place you're looking for or have a custom event? You can create your own to add to a guest’s itinerary. Inlcudes images, description, address, and more.

Recommendation Engine


Once a hotelier has sent a recommendation to a guest the guest will receive a text message with a link to the details of the recommentation.

Place Details

All the details the guest needs is in one place ready to go. No need for maps or print-outs. Guests can also request an Uber, Lyft or directions.


Directions automatically load with the guest’s current location and the destination of the place on the phone’s default map.

Personalized Itinerary

Handpick recommendations based off of the guest’s interests provided by the hotelier showing the guest where to go and what to do before arriving to the hotel.

Interactive Map

An overview of the entire itinerary including distances, times as well as place information and notes from the hotelier.